Thursday, August 2, 2012

Third DH

Our family went to Diamond Hotel last Saturday, July 28. Had the buffet for dinner. Had to stay in an executive suite for the night. And it's our third time this year! Horah!

Get ready, because this blog post will surely make your eyes full. In short, this will be a photoblog, wherein photos will dominate and there will be less words.

Let the photos speak for themselves.

Those photos were from Nikon D7000. Now from my instagram.

Didn't get to use the pool because it was drizzling and no one is allowed to use it. Too bad. But anyway, there's always next time! And we get to do it again for the fourth time this year! I just don't when that would be.

Thank you Ninong Bin! We've always loved Diamond Hotel. <3

Tinay xx


  1. The food looks delicious! Definetely have to check this place out the next time I´m in the Philippines.
    M from

  2. I was in this hotel :) I miss the Philippines!

  3. awww you and your family are so cute! i haven't visited Diamond hotel but it looks great!