Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ohlaloove Share Your Blessings Giveaway

No I'm not doing another giveaway here. Haha. Not sooner than later maybe I could but not on this post. =p

So basically, I won a blog giveaway by Ohlaloove. Yaaay! I forgot how I ended up on their blog. I just tried joining and guess what I still won!

One day I was checking my email and then I got an email from Ms. Monique Galang and she told me that I won her blog giveaway. I was so overwhelmed because it ain't easy to win blog giveaway's you know. Small or huge blog giveaway, still, it is still a giveaway. I'm very grateful that I won, though unexpectedly.

Got the package last Tuesday lunch. I was so giddy to open it when I first glanced it. Haha. Excited much I know! Here are the stuff that I won. Posted it in my instagram.

Just look at those cute arm candies, now added to my collection. That lovely choker and earrings goes well together! I'm currently using that cellphone holder, just right for my BlackBerry. Might use those pink straps on my digi-cam. Hair oil too, to keep my hair steady and the Jergens lotion for my skin. (commercial ad lang ang peg. haha)

It went with a not too. Cute!

Loved them! Thank you so much Ohlaloove! And more blessings to you! :)

Tinay xx


  1. Wow, lucky girl! Congratulations for winning those cute stuff! :)

    Btw, I am giving away hot sunglasses as my first blog giveaway. Check it out here if you like. ;)