Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Step Up Revolution

The biggest dance movie is back with its fourth installment! The first time I saw its trailer I know I shouldn't miss it in the world. I've always been an avid fan of the Step Up movies, ever since Channing Tatum made me fall in love with his dance moves. It was the first time I fell in love with him! <3

There came the second installment where Adam Sevani or famously known as Moose showed up in the movie. And since then, I'd love him to death. He's so cute admit it! His locks are so precious!

So last Friday, August 10, the "habagat week", I went to Gateway with my siblings and my Mom to see the movie Step Up 4 Revolution. After the movie we had a snack at Taco Bell then went home.

Everyone is so stoke about seeing Moose on the 4th installment, but unfortunately it was a whole different story. Though he was surprisingly there at the end of the movie. But his appearance was so bitin! Haha.

Like I said, it was a whole different kind of movie. Unlike the first 3 Step Up movies where they have their own crews and they battle to win in a dance battle, Step Up Revolution isn't like that. Yes they have their own crew but they didn't go to battles, they dance to win in a YouTube contest. It's more like in a modern kind of setting like how the technology revolves around us now.

It was more of a crew who do surprise flash mobs and they upload on YoutTube hoping to get that 10,000,000 hits. Well, in order to get that number of hits, their crew called The Mob, did a lot of unique surprise flash mobs everywhere. They were amazingly very good! Each setting and routine were very different and very catchy.

The plot was really good. At first I was thinking about the antagonist in the movie like, who is against them. There weren't really, just them themselves.

Basta! You just have to watch it to understand it more. Don't worry cause even if you're not really a fan of dancing, you'll still love it. :)

Here's the trailer if you wanna see a sneak peak of it.

The guy bida is so hot. Just look at those arms and abs. To die for! Hahaha. The girl bida is so pretty. She sometimes resembles Katy Perry.

I love The Mob! Do you love The Mob?

Tinay xx

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