Friday, August 17, 2012

You're my Wonderwall dear One Direction

Have you listened to One Direction's cover of Oasis' Wonderwall already? If yes, you are blessed, but if you haven't yet then I feel sorry for you cause you're missing out one of the finest music in the music industry.

It was shot during the set of the What Makes You Beautiful music video in Malibu California. The WMYB music video was filmed last July 2011, so that's a year ago! And obviously the One Direction version of Wonderwall is in their storage for more than a year already!

Why release it only now? It is music at its finest! Just 5 boys and a guitar all I can hear is perfection! Pure music right there. Their voices plus the guitar, so lovely.

Plus! Just look how hot they look! They just sit there and sing but still looking good. Effortless!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you my boys from One Direction singing Wonderwall by Oasis!

I love how it shows Niall's guitar skills. I love the part where Harry drummed the drums part after the chorus. I love how Zayn proves to everyone that he is the master of echo. I love how serious Liam looks when he sings. And of course, I love how comfortable Louis sits in his blanket plus he's barefoot.

I love these boys so much! Look how comfortable they are with each other. Just 5 boys doing what they love to do. <3 Not just 5 boys though, but 5 good-looking boys. :)

This song is special to me though. I might consider doing a cover of it myself. Haha. But please don't expect too much because I don't sing well. I can play the guitar, fair enough, but trust me I don't sing. Hahaha. :))

What's not to love about One Direction?
Tinay xx