Friday, August 10, 2012

UST-DLSU Round 1

This post was in draft for more than 4 days already. Haha! Sorry bout that. :))

I have always been a UAAP fan. I remember season 69 when UST grabbed the gold for the men's basketball senior division. It was epic! I was in 3rd year high school back then. It was a thursday, kasi umabot ng game 3 yung championship between UST and Ateneo. Si Jojo Duncil pa star player ng UST nun and it was Coach Pido Jarencio's first coaching year sa UST. Bongga ng pilot year! So bale, we have afternoon classes nun and I have a friend na taga-update ng game. May katext siya na nanunuod ng game. Every once in a while updated kami sa score. Umabot pa ng overtime yung game! And UST won by 2! It was really epic! Naabutan ko pa yung OT sa bahay eh. Haha. The famous missed free throws ni Japs Cuan na sana more than 2 ang lamang ng UST. Okay, nagkwento na ako? :))

Fast forward to the present, last Saturday, Jaja, Jamie and I watched the UST-DLSU match live at MOA Arena. It's my first time watching this season but I have watched a few back in my college years.

We had a hard time getting to MOA because it was raining hard. From UST we had to take a cab but there were some people who were looking for cab besides us. So maraming karibal. Fortunately, by 1:10 we got a cab and went directly to the venue. Good thing the traffic was a bit light though thinking we couldn't make it to the 2pm game.

When we arrived the arena, there were very long lines waiting to get in the venue for the game. But we were just in time when we got in. The first five players were being called when we found our seats. Just in time!

It looks like an Abdul-Andrada match up here.

Our very cute and friendly Yellow Jackets.

Now it's Afuang and DLSU's number 9 guy match up.

Our very own Tata Bautista!

The two Jeric's of UST.

This huge face poster of Coach Pido totally nailed it.

I've witnessed this UST-DLSU halftime break before already. I was expecting to see it again in this match and guess what, they didn't let me down. It's so good to see UST and DLSU being friends after all this time. :)

Yellow and green looks so good together!

Yellow being my school's color and green being my favorite color. I'm so into this!

Sea of yellow crowd.

Good job guys!

Abdul-Ramos! It's Ramos right? :))

O! Depensa!

Eeeeh! Ooohhh!

Clash of the Ti-Tengs. Kuya Jeric vs Baby Jeron!

Final score!

Good finish boys.

Next game, ADMU-UE. 

Jaja and Jamie :)

Us three.

Me and Mom :)

And look what I found in TomasinoWeb's facebook, it's us on the yellow crowd during the game! I just came across this on facebook and instantly spotted us. Haha. Plus it's on a Jeric Fortuna shot pa. Weee. <3 Haha.

I want to share to you guys pa naman sana a lot of stuff about this match pero nawala nang lahat ng yun because of the days lost dahil sa habagat na yan. Haaay. I'd make bawi next time on my next UAAP blog post. :)

Next match is on Sunday vs the UE Red Warriors, 4pm at the Araneta Coliseum. I'll be watching on tv land coz I just want to stay home for the rest of the day tomorrow.

There's a replay of this UST-DLSU match tomorrow at Studio23 around 9:30 in the evening. I'd definitely see it! I wanna see how it was on tv while I was busy shouting in the arena. And I wanna see the loud yellow crowd. :)

Go loud and proud, Go USTe!

Tinay xx


  1. Heard this game was intense. Lucky for you to have watched it live. :)

    1. The game went to double over time, hence it was really intense. Maybe you can watch UST-DLSU match on the second round. See you round! :)

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  3. this must be fun <3

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