Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Admission exam part 2

Last week, Mom and I went to Manila just to have my admission exam for my 2nd degree course, which is Architecture. Same school, UST. Guess I don't feel like leaving yet. And I really love arts. That's all.

It was Thursday last week when I had my exam at TYK room 102. It was freezing cold during the exam I swear.

First was the Mental Abitlity Test, then Math, English and Science. Plus, since I'm under the college referring to arts, I have an extra exam called Space Relations, just like my USTET 4 years ago. The exam was from 1-5:30 pm. Merely gave me headache already.

So here's the plan, the results of that exam will be out this Friday, so that's two days to go. If I passed the exam, I'll pursue Architecture and forever be happy with my love for arts. BUT, if I do not pass the exam, I have to dedicate this coming June-September for my review for LET. And by 2nd sem, so that's from November to December, I'm taking up extra courses from the College of Science so I can continue to Medicine.

That's waduuuup! That idea just came from nowhere. Whatever God has for me, let it be.

By the way, here's my exam permit. :)

- Tinay xx

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