Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Green Berries

Let's go back in time when I had my first online shop. A little background won't hurt, right?

Way back in my first year in college, I got so addicted with online shopping. Sure I spent a lot of my allowance buying stuff online. Then a thought hits me, if they could sell online, why couldn't I? So I began my first online shop. I used Multiply back then. Everything was going well. I even had buyers all the way from Davao.

Every now and then I sell stuff online but I never get to get stable with it. I get busy at times that's why I can't handle all the business by myself. But now, I'm done with college, this online shop thingy might be very useful as a sideline. It can help me get by with everyday. And it's kinda fun too though. I enjoy it very much and I get to meet new friends too. :)

My newest online shop is called Green Berries. What's with the name? Green is obviously my favorite color, Berries just came out of nowhere. Hahaha. I can't think of any catchy word that will go well with green then the word berries just popped out of my head.

Green Berries is 5 days away form its first monthsary. And I am thinking of doing a promo. Yay for that! I wish I could reach 300 likes before that though. So please, help me gain more likes!

So far, here's my current products. Some are phased out already while some are still available. But still, here they are!

Dream catcher necklaces all the way from Vigan, only 80php each. These are one-of-a-kind accessory. SOLD OUT.

 Cute earrings for only 50php each. 2 pieces left.

Feather earrings for only 60php each. SOLD OUT.

Mustache necklace for only 80php. SOLD OUT.

Fashion rings for only 70php each. 2 pieces left.

Vintage necklaces for only 80php. 1 item left.

Earrings for only 50php each. ALL AVAILABLE.

Couple necklaces for only 80php per pair. ALL AVAILABLE.

Fashion rings for only 70php each. 2 items left.

Hello Kitty earrings for only 50php each. ALL AVAILABLE.

As you can see, all items are 80 pesos and below only. Like what I always say, it's the CHEAPEST ONLINE STORE ever!

I don't just wanna earn money, you know, I also want to help others to be able to afford fashion without having to spend too much money.

So help yourself and enjoy shopping!

If you're interested, you may contact me thru my online shop @ Green Berries.

-Tinay xx

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