Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lumayo ka nga sa akin

Another book I finished this summer. Second book actually. My first was the Hunger Games. I know I'm such a loser for being able to finish only just two books at the moment. Guess I can't find the right time to read books. But I will find time, since I am currently reading Catching Fire, the sequel to the Hunger Games.

About this book, it's the latest from the Bob Ong book collection. I honestly have all of his books and because I agree with most of what he says in his books.

This book is different. It is divided into three stories: Bala sa bala Kamao sa kamao Satsat sa satsat, Shake Shaker, Shakest and Asawa ni Marie.

Basically it revolves around the truths and commons of what is happening in the modern Pinoy teleserye and Pinoy movies. Interesting? Yes it is. Though the book's a little bit confusing because of all the dialogue.

Bala sa bala, kamao sa kamao, satsat sa satsat: From the title itself, it's about an action movie. Where when there's a wedding, bandits will arrive and kill everyone besides the action star. He has to live because he will take revenge and that's where the story lies now. He is not rich and will meet a very rich girl who'll fell in love with him and stuff. Exchange bags in the airport with the enemies. Got kidnapped and rescued. And stuff. Someone's going to die and pooof, shouting in the rain.

Shake, Shaker, Shakest: It's obviously a horror movie. Like an actual Pinoy horror movie, the cast will be stuck in a haunted house. And the story will just revolve around there. There will be ghosts but not really scary at all. But the whole movie will just be full of shocking sound effects and creepy stuff. And trully not worthy of your money. And there's part 2. And part 3. Then part 4. And another part 5. And so on and so forth. Typical Pinoy thriller.

Asawa ni Marie: Now this is a typical Pinoy teleserye. You know what happens. Love triangle between two rich brothers and a poor girl. A very rich girl kontrabida but is very maldita to the poor bida girl. Then the poor girl will become rich and will seek revenge and no one will know that she's the poor girl everyone is pissing off. Again, she's torn between the two rich guys and the kontrabida girl gets annoyed again. In the end some will know that s/he is the son/daughter of someone and stuff. The truth will always come out in the end. And then the kontrabida dies. And they live happily ever after.

And a whole lot lot more! While reading it you will find yourself laughing because you will tell yourself that it's quite right.

My instagram shot during those days when I was still reading it.

-Tinay xx

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